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Involving People Survey (11 June - 23 July 2012)

The Involving People Survey asked your views about how good or bad we are at involving you with decision making at the Council.  Engaging with the community involves local people in decision making that can affect how you and your family live your life in Poole.

The survey was available online, at Council buildings such as libraries, at Council meetings, and at a roadshow in the Dolphin Centre.

Key Findings

The Involving People Survey Report presents the results of the Involving People Survey.

  • 288 responses were received to the survey. The majority were responding as Poole residents (95%).
  • The most successful method of promoting the survey was through libraries. 104 respondents had found out about the survey from a library.
  • By far the most common method of engaging with the Council amongst respondents was through voting in local elections (82% had done this). 37% had taken part in paper surveys or consultations, and 34% had attended community fun days or other community events.
  • Most common likes about the way the Council engages with its residents included Poole News, the Council’s website and online facilities, use of social media and libraries.
  • Dislikes about the way the Council engages with its residents included the way the Council communicates and promotes engagement, lack of use of the internet, reliance on the internet and meetings.
  • Some respondents also felt that the Council does not always listen to residents, or decisions have already been made before engagement/consultation takes place. Respondents also mentioned a lack of feedback about what decisions have been made, or how their comments have been used.
  • Most ideas to improve the way the Council engages focused around increasing and improving the promotion and publicity of engagement. Respondents also suggested that the Council should listen to their views, and provide feedback. Some respondents felt that the use of social media, such as Twitter and Facebook could be improved.

The results of the survey were presented to the Community Engagement Member Working Party in September.