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Doing Your Bit

Everyone can do their bit!

  • Put your litter in a bin.

  • If there happens to be no bin available, take your litter home.

  • Don’t throw litter from your vehicle. Use a car litter-bag or wait until you find a bin. Never empty car ash trays onto the ground.

  • Cigarette ends, matchsticks and chewing gum are small but they’re still litter, so is discarded food. Use the bin!

  • Protect our countryside and remote places from litter pollution. Materials like plastic, tin, aluminium take decades to decay.

  • Make sure household or business refuse is securely contained in a bin or bag, so that it doesn’t escape and become litter.

  • Everyone is responsible for their own waste – never dump it. Extra household rubbish can be taken to the Nuffield Household Waste and Recycling Centre free of charge.

  • The Council is working in partnership with Dorset Reclaim to collect large items such as furniture or beds.

  • If litter has built up and become an eyesore, report it to the Council cleaning service. 

  •  Keep your own garden or land litter free.

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